Easy Truck Makeover with LED Light Upgrade – Do It Yourself and Get Lit!


Easy Truck Makeover with LED Light Upgrade – Do It Yourself and Get Lit!
Check out how easy it can be to make big changes to the looks of your vehicle with these Anzo LED light upgrades that I ordered from JCWhitney! This video shows the transformation of the AutoEdit 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 pickup truck from older stock to modern and mean.
This upgrade is rated for any level of mechanical skill… ANYONE CAN DO THIS ONE!!! So get out and have fun with it.
The trick here is to pick lights that fit your taste and work with what you want the vehicle to look like. I didn’t want the truck to have too much of the Euro look but I do like a nice LED.
In the front I chose the Anzo U Bar Halogen Projector lights with LED running lights and turn markers and they look really tough, even when they are turned off! These are the top of the line so they are a bit expensive but look at them…
Here is a link to those:

Here is an affordable option for the rear tail lights:
The ones I used in the video are special order so here is a link directly to the Anzo website to get the details:

The third brake light is an easy home run for this setup. I really like the smoke lens on the dark paint but that’s just my preference. Here’s a link to that thing:

So get out and tinker on your vehicle and have some fun freshening up that older look to something more modern!

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